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video vault pageWelcome to the video vault .

I’ve got lots of videos for you to watch!

You’ll find each section listed below with a little bit more detail about the videos you can find in each area.


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  • Bodyweight Exercise Demos – Maybe you don’t like the gym or maybe you’ve been out of action for a while, either way, bodyweight training is probably a good place to start.
  • Gym Exercise Demos – If you’ve got time to go to the gym or have a pair of dumbbells sitting in the spare bedroom check out the following exercises to that will tone your wobbly bits and improve your metabolisn in no time at all.
  • Kettlebell Exercise Demos – I love training with kettlebells! They are extremely versatile and add a bit of spice to a workout, whether it be at home or in the gym.
  • Cardio Exercise Demos – You won’t find any slow boring cardio in here, but you will find a few cardio exercises that will improve your cardiovascular fitness without being bored out of your brain or having to spend hours on a treadmill.
  • Home Boot Camp -If you prefer not to sign up to the emails via the exercise plan area, you can simply watch the videos day by day in here.
  • Home Boot Camp 2.0  – You can catch up with our second version of the home program in here, but don’t forget that you can also sign up to the emails in the exercise plan area too. 
  • Metabolic Conditioning – These videos come from my book titled ‘METCON1’.  They demonstrate a series of short, but highly intense workouts to really crank up your fat loss and fitness.
  • Recorded Webinars – Each month I record a webinar to help you learn more about the world of health and fitness.
  • Miscellaneous – In this section you’ll find all sorts of random videos.[/bulleted_list]

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