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Exercise is fun, right? Well it’s not fun for a whole lot of people. In fact, many people consider it nothing short of torture. Perhaps it’s because they’ve jumped in at the deep end or fallen prey to many of the myths about exercise. Changing your exercise mindset, and letting go of these myths, can change your life.

No Pain No Gain

You know I’m a big believer in exercising with intensity, but not ever session has to be a ball buster.  Your best bet is mix your workouts up or rotate them.  One day to a super tough workout and the next do a light workou that’s relatively easy and doesn’t stress your body. Exercise can and should be fun and something you can do each and every day. Because honestly – if you’re not enjoying it, how likely are you to continue doing it?

It’s a whole lot easier to motivate yourself to play tennis or go for a short run around the block than it is to do 5 mile run, right? And you can fit a quick workout into your schedule every day. Think outside the box and choose some activities or exercises that you’ve never tried before. Trying something different, will boost your motivation and enjoyment (as long as you like the activity you’ve chosen!).

Marathon Gym Sessions

More and more, scientists and doctors are learning that short bursts of  exercise is just as good, if not better, than long exercise sessions. Tradional wisdom has told us to exercise for a sustained of twenty, thirty, or even sixty minutes.  However, studies are showing that it’s more beneficial to give your body a quick sharp blast of exercise than is is to plod along in a gym for an hour.

Thisi is great news for many men and women, as most don’t have the time to exercise several times a week for an hour or even the willpower! Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got time to exercise and you like plodding along on the treadmill go for it, but it’s just not that effective and not that mcuh fun either.  To make exercise a daily habit, it pays to keep your workouts short.

It’s all about becoming more active and adopting the healthy lifestle.  Find other ways to be more active throughout your day and your body and your mind will thank you.

Adopting a Healthy, and Active, Mindset

If you dread working out, find an activity that you enjoy. The activity should require some form of movement – knitting or watching Strictly Come Dancing doesn’t count. Play tennis, hike, play golf, swim or take a dance class. Do something you enjoy that gets your body moving.

Also, take a look at your current habits. What can you replace with movement? Where can you fit physical activity into your day? As I’ve said, tt doesn’t have to be a five mile run; it can be a one mile walk. The important thing is to MOVE your backside.

You can do it!

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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