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Ah yes, another kettlebell workout for you :)

First off, I suggest you warm your assimus up by throwing in an ickle bodyweight movement.

Something like this will do the job:

1A) Jumping Jacks x 45 secs work/ 15 secs rest
1B) Cross-Body Mountain Climbers x 45 secs work/ 15 secs rest
1C) T Press-Ups x 45 secs work/ 15 secs rest
1D) Total Body Extensions x 45 secs work/ 15 secs rest
1E) Low Plank x 45 secs work/ 15 secs rest

2) Shoulder Circles x 30 forwards/backwards

3) Stretch/Foam Roll

4) Light Turkish Get Ups R/L x 2-3

Then on to the main course…

Turkish Get Up + Swing Ladder Workout

I’ve got a feeling you’ll like this workout (and for more like this, hop on over HERE)

It’s a combination of core strength all while trying to recover from the fast and powerful swing movement.

I recommend you go with a medium to heavyweight for the TGU and a light to medium for the swings.

Personally, I’ll do this workout with a 28kg for the TGU and a 32kg for the swings and I’ll find it bloody tough.

That’s the idea…

It should be tough ;)

But at the same time make sure you can do each movement with good form, so choose wisely mon cherie!

Okay, here’s the workout…

+ TGU R/L x 1
+ Swings x 50
+ TGU R/L x 1
+ Swings x 40
+ TGU R/L x 1
+ Swings x 30
+ TGU R/L x 1
+ Swings x 20
+ TGU R/L x 1
+ Swings x 10

There’s no scheduled rest, but chances are that you will need to rest at some point or another.

Oh BTW, if you’re not sure how to do these two exercises, here’s my ugly mug demonstrating them below…

Turkish Get Up


Okay, go and get stuck in and let me know how it goes :)

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Gavin Walsh

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