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how to get in your skinny jeansEvery woman has a pair of jeans sitting in the wardrobe waiting patiently to be worn.

Sometimes these jeans can sit in the wardrobe for months without seeing the light of day.

I know…it’s a sad, sad story.

But every so often, they’ll get an airing for the “grand fitting”.

In fact, it was only the other morning that Mrs W tried her skinny jeans on.

She bought them a couple months ago as her goal jeans.

Y’know something to aim for.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, once a week she’ll jump-up and down and smear butter all over her legs all while trying to squeeze into these skinny ass jeans.

Kinda looks a bit like this actually…

If you’ve ever tried smearing butter on your legs, screaming and shouting, electrical pulses or dynamite in a bid to get into your skinny-ass jeans you’re going the wrong way about it (It would be weird if you had!).

Instead, this is what you should do:

#1 Clean up your diet and eat lots of green vegetables

If you’re carrying too much fat down below, then most likely it’s because of your diet.

As you’re probably aware, men and women have certain differences.

For example, them crazy hormones that women have ;)

It’s these differences in hormones that cause women to store more fat around the hips and thighs.

So, if your diet is a little on the shoddy side, then you can bet your assimus that you’ll store fat on…er, your assimus and thighs making it difficult to get into those fave jeans of yours.

And do you know what else helps tip the hormonal balance back in your favour, so that you stop storing fat around your hips and thighs?

green vegGreen Leafy Vegetables.

Think broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower.

Replace your starchy carbs with plenty of green vegetables and you’ll be sending a good clear signal to your ass.

Namely, “Stop storing all the fattimus on my assimus!”

#2 Start an exercise plan

It’s one thing losing weight, but it’s no good looking like you’re wearing a pair of drain-pipes.

You’ll need to add some muscle tone to them there legs of yours.

Think resistance training.

This means making your legs work with things like squats, step-ups, leg-curls, lunges, etc.

You can even use some weights to help speed up the process.

#3 Supplement with DIM

Do you remember me talking about eating buckets loads of green veg a moment ago?

Well, there’s a supplement call DIM.

Oh you want to know what that stands for?

Okay, get ready for a tongue twister…


Diindolylmethane is formed in the body from plant substances contained in your green veg.

Scientists believe that these vegetables may help to protect the body against cancer because they contain are friend DIM.

DIM is used to help prevent breast, uterine, and colorectal cancer.

And, as I’ve already suggested, you can help prevent fat being sent directly to the thighs, hips and butt.

I won’t go into the science, but it’s all to do with estrogen.

You’ve got good and bad estrogen floating around in your bod.

DIM acts like a nightclub bouncer, telling the bad estrogen, “Not tonight, love” and which in turn helps you get in those skinny jeans (Whoop, whoop!).

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication you should consult a doctor before jumping on this.

I am not a doctor :)

#4 Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, just like those legs and ass weren’t either. So…

It’s going to take plenty of patience and consistency if you’re going to get into your goal jeans.

You’ll have to say “No” to beer and wine.

AS well as “No thanks” to cake and tea.

You might even have to poke your boyfriend in the eye for no real reason, other than he’s annoying you.

But you’ll get there, eventually.

And when you do, you can walk proudly along the street without having to breath in or worry that you might tear the crotch of your jeans at any moment.

It’ll be a day of glory, a day to celebrate.

#5 Live the healthy lifestyle

Getting into your skinny-ass jeans shouldn’t be a one time thing.

But if you fall back to your old ways of chocolate, pizza, pasta, beer and wine it might well be.

So, commit to the healthy lifestyle.

Make exercise just something you do, a habit you might say!

So what, you eat egg’s, avocado and spinach for breakfast rather than cereal.

It’s no big deal.

That’s part of your lifestyle.

And does it really matter that you can get into your skinny jeans any time you want?

Hell, yeah!

That’s why you choose to live the healthy lifestyle.

On another note, if you’re a man trying to get into a pair of skinny jeans, don’t.

This is Mother Nature’s way of saying, “they’re not for you”.

They make your legs look like two tightly packed sausages AND you can see the outline of a third sausage.

Never a good look :)

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Gavin Walsh

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