Over the years friends and clients of mine have asked what the toughest workouts are.

They’d say “What’s best…kettlebells, bootcamp, tyres, spinning, battling ropes, TRX, crossfit, sledge pulls/pushes, etc”

Many gyms and extreme training providers have tried to bundle many of these ‘shiny objects’ together in a bid to create the toughest workout possible.

It’s like we can’t get a tough workout without all these different bits of kit.

But some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done have involved little or no equipment at all.

I’m talking crawling on floor, gasping for air and crying out for mummy.

Not pretty :)

Here’s just a few of them…

100 x burpees for time

10 x 100m sprints

Competitive full court basketball

5 x press-ups, 5 x squat jumps, 50 yard sprint for 10 rounds.

10 x deadlifts, 25 x jumps on to a box for 3 rounds.

Kicking and punching the crap out of a punchbag for 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest.

I’ve seen these activities turn men and women into apple strudel.

You see, it’s not about the equipment you use.

It’s about how hard you’re willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Step out of your comfort zone and it won’t be pleasant.

It’ll most likely hurt (at least for those few brief moments).

You’ll want to stop.

You’ll be a sweaty mess by the end of it.

And your face will resemble that of a beetroot that’s been slapped in the chops.


You’ll be doing it right.

And if you push yourself that little bit further each week…

The results will follow.

I can guarantee you that.

Right, off to find that beetroot ;)

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

A British fitness and fat loss magician that helps men and women lose the jelly from their belly pronto. Gavin is the head coach here at Body Fixers and has been featured in the likes of Men's Health, Women's Health and Men's Fitness, as well appearing on British TV several times with delightful nuggets of fitness and fat loss wisdom.

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