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Earned myself some serious brownie points earlier today.

Let me explaineth…

Mrs W has wanted something called an Artisan Kitchen Aid for absolutely donkeys.

It’s a kitchen utensil.

I don’t know much about kitchen utensils, but this one looks bad ass.

It’s top of the range (apparently).

It mixes, whisks, kneads and even reads you bedtime stories about princes and princesses.

Anyway, last week I bought her one and it arrived today.

You should have seen her face this morning.

It was like Christmas had come early.

I’ve not seen her so excited since she saw Josh Hartnett a couple of years ago in a West End play.

One of her top 5!

Anyway, she’ll be going into baking over drive these next few days.

The thing is, I’ll be the one who has to eat the lot.

I do luv a bit of cake, mind!

Who doesn’t ?

Of course I eat cakes, don’t be so surprised.

I even eat chocolate and treat myself to the odd beer or two y’know.

You must have heard me bang on about the 80/20 rule?

That’s where 80% of the time I eat like an Angel sitting high above on a fluffy cloud and the other 20% I’ll throw caution to the wind.

I’m not saying I eat kebabs and ready made meals in this 20%, but I will give myself the freedom to eat what I want.

If you want to be a bit of a super geek you could add up all your mains meals over the course of a week, that’s 21 by the way.

80% of 21 is 16.8 meals.

So, you’ve got 4.2 meals to give yourself that bit of freedom.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

You could take it further and work out your snacks too, but I can’t be bothered with the maths!

The problem is that most people don’t know what to eat to improve their health and get lean outside of that 20%.

They end up eating boring salads and fall of the wagon sharpish.

That’s where something like my 30 Day Jump Start Cook Book comes in handy :)


30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners.

Of if you’re from the North like me,

30 breakfasts, 30 Dinners and 30 Teas.

*For you southerners, there’s no such thing as “Lunch Ladies”, is there?!*

All the recipes are designed to be tasty, healthy and aid your weight loss without boring you to death as you munch on lettuce leaves.

If you haven’t already clicked on the link, here it is again:


Right, off to see what Mrs W has been baking – smells good whatever it is.

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Gavin Walsh

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