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Motivation RequiredWelcome to the Mindset Area of Walsh The Fat Away!

In this area you will find articles, videos, motivational ideas and everything that is aimed at helping you stay focussed and inspired.  If you really want the best results from your body, you will need to learn to overcome the mental challenges that come with exercise.  I will help you to learn to love exercising with intensity, as well as teaching you how to say ‘no’ when that chocolate hobnob beckons!

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think bigMindset Articles

It’s all in the mindset.  If you can get yourself into the right frame of mind then the nutrition and fitness side of things will slot into place with ease.  In this section you will find articles, tips and tricks to help boost your motivation and stay super-focussed, even when the going gets tough.

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Thought For The Day

This is where I post an inspirational, motivating, or just though-provoking quote to get your juices flowing.


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