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I-love-when-a-plan-comes-togetherHaving set meal plans to follow when you kick-off a new health and fitness routine is a great idea.  They take out the guess work and provide an often much-needed structure to follow if your diet is perhaps in need of a little overhaul. 

Eventually, I want you to be able to take off the ‘stabilisers’ and start pedalling on your own without having to follow rigid diet plans and this site will teach you all you need to know about healthy eating so that you will be able to plan your meals with confidence.  Pretty soon you won’t even have to think about it: it will just happen automatically. 

You will also see some set calorie meal plans listed below.  The idea behind these plans is to first calculate your maintenance calories (the calories needed to maintain your current weight and activity) and then to choose an appropriate plan.  You may well be tempted to go straight in for the low calorie option, but be warned, going on a low calorie diet can be a right old slog, so I first recommend you follow the elimination diet first and if you feel you need to cut calories to improve your results then follow one of the low calorie options.  Even then, I’d recommend you cycle between a low calorie plan and a ‘maintenance’ plan so that you don’t feel constantly deprived of the foods you love.

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