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Popcorn for breakfast?!

Yep, gotta hold my hands up…

Went to the cinema this morning with Mrs W to see the new Bond film and I had popcorn for breakfast :(

Funny thing is that people used to eat popcorn for breakfast before cereal came along.

You learn something new everyday, huh? :)

Still, I think I’ll stick with my scrambled eggs!

Anyway, the film was top notch.

Plenty of action and 007 humour to boot.

And although Daniel Craig didn’t whip his top off like he did in Casino Royale (sorry ladies), he’s still in pretty good shape.

According to him,  he still had the muscle but he was much fitter in this movie than previous ones, mostly because of workouts like this…

1. Clean and Press x 10
2. Hanging Knee Raise x 10
3. Step-ups x 10
4. Pull-ups x 10
5. Decline Press-ups x 10
6. Tricep Dips x 10

Repeat this lot for 3 rounds and not only will you boost your fitness, you’ll burn more lard too.

Happy days…

Now, of course if you’ve not got weights and/or not a member of a gym this is gonna be a no go, but I’ve got your back.

Instead you can do this…

1. Full Body Extensions x 30
2. Flutter Kicks x 50
3. Step-ups x 10/leg
4. Inverted rows x 10 (lay under a table and pull yourself up)
5. Decline Push-ups (or regular ones) x 10
6. Tricep Dips

Give it a whirl :)

Ta-ta for now,

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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