I was up north in Lincolnshire over the weekend.

It was me Mum’s 50th Birthday.

Yeah, before you say anything, she was quite young when she had me :)

Fortunately she doesn’t read these emails, so she can’t tell me off for mentioning her age.

Although, sometimes I wish she bloody well would.

We were sitting there having a cuppa when she said…

“I’ve been doing this thing called the 5:2 diet recently”.

I had to bite my lip for a second.

I told her about intermittent fasting about 2 and half years ago.

Does she listen?

Does she ‘ell.

Mum’s, eh?!

Anyway, she went on to add how easy it is but wanted to get my thoughts on it.

Especially as one of the ladies she works with fainted last week.

So, I gave her MY version of this 5:2 diet.

Might give her a bell later to see if she was actually paying attention to her eldest son!

It seems me Mum isn’t the only one following following the 5:2 diet.

In fact, there are a ton’s of people who have had great success.

This doesn’t surprise me.


A lot of people are doing it wrong.

Some people are fasting for 2 days straight.

Others are spreading out their 500 calories or whatever the books says throughout the day.

Men are *trying* to run long distances whilst following the 5:2 method.

Worst of all, there are a ton of muppets eating doner kebabs, burgers, cakes and all other manner of processed junk and then fasting thinking that this is the answer to their problems.

It’s getting a tad silly if you ask me.

Yes, fasting works.

But you’ve got to do it the CORRECT way.

Now, I’ve not read this 5:2 Diet book, but from the information I’ve been receiving it’s not done a good job at explaining this method or worse, it’s given the wrong information all together.

(If you’ve read it you can let me know)

So, let’s try and iron out some of these creases…

1. Don’t do 18-24 hours fasts on back to back days – unless you have religious reasons there is no need to. Instead have at least a couple of days in between each fast if you’re shooting for 18-24 hours fasts. 14-16 hours fast you can do back to back, but the question is do you really need to?

2. Intermittent fasting isn’t a performance diet – while you might lose body fat you, certainly won’t see any big improvements in the gym or in your running pace/times while fasting.

3. Do some form of resistance training 2-3 x week (body weight or gym) – it’s unlikely you’ll lose any muscle unless you’re obese whilst fasting, but to maintain your muscle mass and generally improve your metabolism hit the weights.

4. Fast from anywhere between 16-24 hours – this means no food from the start to the finish. Water and the odd cup of tea (ideally herbal) are okay. This will improve your hormonal balance and favour fat loss.

5. Don’t spread your calories out throughout the fasting day – you won’t be truly fasting, but instead following a low calorie diet without the hormonal benefits which aid fat loss.

6. Don’t jump into the deep end – start with a 14-16 hour fast first to make sure your life doesn’t fall apart. Most people will experience headaches and sugar cravings the first time.  If you’re feeling completely drained stop the fast and eat something!

7. Workout the timing that suits you best – most people prefer to start after their last evening meal through to the following afternoon.  This method means you’ll be asleep for a big chunk of the fast and you can also meet with friends for dinner and not have to sit there like a lemon.

8. Don’t eat junk food – Michael Mosley and Horizons TV program sent out the wrong message if you ask me.  Eating a pile of crap and then fasting the next day is completely wrong. That’s a really bad habit to get into and encourages binge eating.  I repeat: this is wrong.

9. If you’ve got any medical issues don’t jump on the fasting bandwagon without seeing your doctor first – seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised by some of the stories I’ve heard.

10. I can’t think of anything for number 10, but I thought that there should be one.

I’m certainly not the expert on fasting, but then again, neither is Micheal Mosley.

If you do want to know more about fasting I suggest you check out Brad Pilon.

This guy is like the Godfather of intermittent fasting and he can give you way more information than I or Micheal Mosley can give to you put together.

Check out his eBook, Eat, Stop, Eat, if you are at all curious about this fasting lark.

Rightio, time for me to swing a kettlebell around the back garden.


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