I’m not sure if anyone calls them “goolies” anymore, but mine were freezing after jumping into a container full of icy-water at the weekend.

Why was I jumping into ice-water?

…Tough Mudder of course.

An 11.5 mile trail run with lots of weird and wonderful obstacles, such as goolie shrinking ice-water.

You know what though?

It was great fun!

Myself and two of my boot camp members (Emma and Daisy) are now official “Mudders”.

A few of the other obstacles were…

– jumping through fire

– crawling through tunnels

– climbing 10ft walls

– wading through thick mud

– being kicked in the face (thanks Emma!)

I’m probably not doing a fantastic job of selling it to you, but trust me, it was a lot of fun.

I’ve done all sorts of running races in the past and I usually get bored stiff half way through.

But this event has a nice mix as it uses strength as well as cardiovascular fitness.

If you’re relatively “fit” you should give it a whirl.

If not, then we can sort that out by joining this site.

You’ll not only get fit, but you’ll lose weight too.

Imagine that!

Give me a shout if you have any questions on Tough Mudder or exercise in general.

Gavin “Loving The Mud” Walsh

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Gavin Walsh

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