Everyone needs physical activity in their daily lives. Exercise is not just for those who are trying to lose weight or tone their wobbly bits. One way to have together time with family and stay healthy is to schedule some family fitness time.

Since my daughter arrived just under a year and a half ago, my time has been hit hard! I didn’t realise how much of a luxury time was.  Being a Dad has certainly meant I’ve had to be better organised and look for other ways to get my fitness fix.

If you’ve got kids you’ll know what I’m on about!  And if you’ve got older kids they are no doubt rushing around just as much as you with homework, after school activities, meeting friends, etc.  Getting some good quality time with the family that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the TV can be tough.

I don’t know about you but I want my Daughter to grow up being active and enjoying physical activity, so as soon as she gets a bit older I’ll be scheduling in some family fitness time.  I’m not talking about hitting the gym and making her do chin-ups (not yet anyway!), but something that is fun that we can all do together. 

Instead of you trying to find time to exercise alone, it can be sometimes better t get the entire family together for some exercise. This way, each person gets to exercise and you can use the time to bond as a family.

Increase Motivation & Hold Each Other Accountable

One of the hardships of working out on your own is that there is no motivation or accountability. Friends may work out with you sometimes but they have families too. With your own family, you have built-in motivators for each other. What was once seen as a chore is now fun family time because you are tackling it together.

Family fitness time has many benefits:


  • Everyone participates and gains better fitness
  • You can challenge each other
  • You are more aware of the importance of eating well
  • Your schedules can handle it
  • Be a good role model to your children
  • You have constant 24/7 support

Here are some suggestions for workouts as a family:

  • Do a DVD workout
  • Go bike riding/running
  • Do one of my home program workouts
  • Go indoor rock climbing
  • Play video games that allow you to get up and move during play

You could get each family member to pick an exercise they love to do and introduce it to the rest of family. On different days, let someone else lead your workout session. Each person stays involved and everyone benefits from the workout.

Weight training is for young and old alike. You, the kids and your partner can spot each other and grow strong together. When everyone is involved, you can set up a dedicated area in your home for it. Dumbbellso or kettlebells don’t take up much space and are not expensive. Be sure to have a variety of weight amounts in order to have the right weights for each age, but also to allow for improvements.

No time to exercise in your busy day? Chances are there are others in your family that need the physical activity but have limited time as well. Decide to exercise together as a family to carve out the time you need to stay healthy. Not only do you benefit by being healthier, but the people you love the most do the same, and you get to spend quality time together to boot.

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Gavin Walsh

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