Saw an article on the Daily Mail website earlier this morning.

I don’t usually read the Daily Mail website (full of scare mongering), but I keep an eye out for all things fat loss on the net.

This one tickled my interest because it was titled…

“Eat plenty of FAT and exercise for just 12 minutes a day”.

So I delved in and the article, which is promoting a book called ‘The High Fat Diet’, actually talks a lot of sense.

You see, fat has been given a bad rep.

It’s been blamed for all sorts of things over the years like high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and even leaving the toilet seat up from time to time.

Much of this is simply not true.

My diet is very high in fat.

Probably ranges from 30-60% fat on a daily basis, which is much higher than most people.

In fact, the big-wigs in the Government recommend 60% carbs each day and we all know how that’s turning out.

So, what’s the dealio?

Well, the late Dr Atkins of the Atkins diet was on to something many moons ago.

Namely, fats aren’t all bad.

Admittedly, Mr Atkins could have done with throwing some fruit and veg on his plate, but he was half way there.

A higher fat diet helps people lose weight and keep the lard off long term.

This is exactly the type of diet I recommend on my Lean in 19 program, along with a couple of extra tweaks for faster fat loss.

You’ve just gott make sure you’re eating good fats such as avocado, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, eggs and fish.

Not the trans, hydrogenated, evil stuff that they throw into most convenience foods (check the labels).

So, there you go…

If you wanna lose some fat, eat more fat.

Sounds weird when you put it like that, but trust me it works :)

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

A British fitness and fat loss magician that helps men and women lose the jelly from their belly pronto. Gavin is the head coach here at Body Fixers and has been featured in the likes of Men's Health, Women's Health and Men's Fitness, as well appearing on British TV several times with delightful nuggets of fitness and fat loss wisdom.

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