Here’s a bodyweight Challenge Fat Loss workout from my friend Shawna Kaminski.

This workout is perfect for beginners through to advanced people.

Set-up your timer using the following guidelines:

Advanced –  40 seconds work/10 seconds rest

Intermediate – 30 seconds work/10 seconds rest

Beginner – 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

Then get ready to hit these cheeky monkeys:

  • Cross body mountain climber
  • Prisoner reverse lunge
  • Double jump burpee
  • Over head 1.5 squat
  • Get up
  • Sit out or mountain climber
  • Plank alternate leg lift

See if you can manage 5 rounds and rest as much as you need to between rounds.

Here’s Shawna explaining the exercises in more detail.

[youtube id=”tbFS7GDq8wg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

However, if you’re in a rush here’s the exercise photos and descriptions, which Shawna has given me :)

#1 Cross Leg Mountain Climber

-High plank position (you don’t need dumbbells), cross the leg under the body to opposite elbow

#2 – Prisoner Reverse Lunge

-Hands on the head and squeeze elbows back

-Step back with one foot, drop knee to the floor

-Maintain 90 degree angle at the ankle, knee and hip

-Return to standing by stepping up on front heel

-Repeat on the other side

#3 – Double Jump Burpee

-Standing position

-Drop hands to the floor, shoot legs back into a high plank

-Squat thrust legs back towards hands and jump, repeat jump

#4 – Over head 1.5 Squat

-Standing position with arms overhead, elbows straight, hands over shoulders

-Squat hips back to 90 degrees or more

-Come up halfway, go back into full squat position

-Stand up, repeat

#5 – Get Up

-Start in high plank position

-Drop to low plank position

-Alternate the arm that ‘gets up’ first

 #6 – Sit Out (or mountain climber)

-Start in a plank like position with knees close to the elbows

-Rotate hips and shoot extended leg to the side, dropping the hip to the floor

-Optional: lift arm

-Bring the leg back to start postion

-Repeat opposite side

 #7 – Plank Alternate Leg Lift

-Plank position

-Lift one leg at a time slowly alternating


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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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