If you’re like many out there, you are always on the hunt for the latest fad diet or exercise plan. You watch telly and see the newfangled exercise gizmo that promises to turn you into a lean, mean ripped machine in three days, or you see your favourite celebrity shed some baby weight and attribute it to some diet with a strange name. These machines and diets might make your wallet a bit lighter, but they may not really do much for your body. However, the Carb Nite Solution, from physicist John Kiefer, might be a bit different.

Keifer spent many years being overweight. In fact, weight had been a problem for him since he was around thirteen years old. Being overweight is a struggle for many, but he did not succumb to being heavy, as so many people do. Instead, he spent time trying to come up with a solution that really worked, and that is what he did with his Carb Nite Solution. He has been through the same issues that others have, and he actually knows the pain and the struggle people experience when trying to lose weight.

The Basics

He presents his solution in the Carb Nite Solution e-book, which features an extremely “ultra” low carb diet. The book outlines his plan and provides a number of recipes people can use for the diet. It features a relatively simple overall plan. Here are the basics. You spend your first ten days eating less than thirty grams of carbohydrates a day, that’s a couple of pieces of fruit or a tiny cup of rice. On the 10th night you have a cheat night or a “Carb Nite”. On this day, you can eat a meal that’s chock full of carbohydrates, anything goes. Then, you go back to eating thirty grams of carbs or less a day. Then, once per week, you can have a carb nite.

How is the Diet Supposed to Work?

Kiefer says the diet is able to change the way your body burns fat, and it does that by changing the hormone levels in the body. It is true that hormones really are important in fat loss and controlling metabolism, and many people who have tried this diet really have found quite a bit of success with it.

One of the other things that many who are on the diet like is the fact that they are not saying goodbye to their favourite foods forever. They still get to eat the things they love during those cheat days with the Carb Nite Solution. Knowing they can still have the things they enjoy helps to stop the binging that often happens when people feel frustrated with the typical diet mindset.

It also helps to sell the idea that they are not just on a diet they will stop following in a few months once they have dropped some weight. Instead, it is a lifestyle change. Those who are truly successful with the Carb Nite Solution, or any other diet, such as the Paleo Diet, are those who realise it is all about a total lifestyle change.

Is it All Diet?

Changes can happen with the Carb Nite Solution, just as they can happen with any dietary change. However, you have to temper your expectations and realise these changes will not happen overnight. True change in your body and in your mindset takes time. You also need to remember that the diet is only a part of the equation to true weight loss success.

Do you know the other part of this equation? For some people it is a dirty word… exercise. You should not look at exercise as a drag though! When you add strength training and cardio training to your new dietary changes, the weight will come off even faster. Your body will feel stronger, and you will start to see differences sooner. When you start to lose the weight, you will find some other great things start to happen with your overall mindset. Seeing the weight drop off makes it easier to stick to the new dietary lifestyle. You will have more energy, and you will feel much better about yourself and the way you look. Is the Carb Nite Solution right for you, or should you try something such as the Paleo diet? Do your research and find what works for you.



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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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