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best ab exercises at home

We all love to bang out a few ab exercises at the end of a workout. So…

I thought I’d share my fave ab exercises that you can do at home with zero equipment.

You ready for this?

Okay, here we go…

1) Low Plank (best method)

2) Rotating Side Plank

3) Slow Cross Body Mountain Climbers

4) Bicycles

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5) Flutter Kicks

6) Plank Jacks

7) Sitouts

8) Ski Abs


What do you reckon, eh?!

Not too shabby :)

Of course, there are tons of ab exercises you can do, but I feel these ones will you give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Now, notice how I haven’t got any traditional sit-ups or crunches on my list above.

That’s because most people don’t have a lower back that’s up to such strain, so better to skip those ones!

Okay, if you fancy a quick ab workout today, I recommend choosing 3-4 exercises from the list above and putting them together in a mini circuit.

Something like this…

+ Low Plank (the hard way) x 45 secs
+ Bicycles x 45 secs
+ Plank Jacks x 45 secs
+ Flutter Kicks x 45 secs

I suggest you aim for 3 rounds without stopping, but if you need to rest, just give yourself a count of 3 and jump back in.

Don’t forget that you can change both the timings and exercises if you really want, it’s just an example ;-)

If you have a fave ab exercise, let me know what it is below in the comments.

Cheerio for now,

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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