Have you tried this back of thigh exercise?

It’s an absolute corker and one that often gets overlooked.

It’s called the “Single Leg Thigh Master Blaster”…or just single leg deadlift for short. Haha!

The reason it works so well is because your balance muscles are constantly firing to make sure you don’t end up on the floor.

This means more muscle toning, which also means more calories burned while your sitting on your bum. Whoop, whoop!

10-15 reps each leg for 2-3 rounds should do the job.

Just make sure you do it slowly and keep your back in good shape (no hunchbacks, please).

You should feel your calves, hammies, your butt and a wee bit of your lower back working.

Give it a try now…

Single Leg Deadlift
You don’t need any weight, so don’t worry about that.
And if your balance is hopeless, trying putting your hand on a chair or a tiny person to stop you wobbling all over the shop.
Let me know what you think 😁


Coach Gavin

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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