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No doubt once you start training with Kettlebells you will be hooked, I was!  This type of workout is so quick and effective who wouldn’t love something that produces results so fast?

As you become more comfortable with using your Kettlebells you will want to start adding more advanced moves and exercises into the mix. Advanced moves in Kettlebell are also referred to as Extreme Kettlebell exercises (said with a die-hard american accent).

The extreme or advanced Kettlebell exercises will also use different terminology. These exercises will include terms such as clean, snatch, jerk and swing.

You can check out some of these extreme Kettlebell exercises in the video vault, here are a few to look for:

  • Double Snatch
  • Double Clean And Press
  • Bottoms Up Clean And Press
  • Double Swings
  • Rolling Floor Press


Some of these advanced moves will incorporate more than one movement in them, making them more difficult and of course more effective.

To add more intensity to almost any Kettlebell workout you can simply use two Kettlebells instead of one (aka ‘Double’). This is often a great way to make any move more difficult but still perform a movement that you are comfortable with. When even this gets too easy for you then you are definitely ready for Extreme Kettlebell moves and exercises.

When increasing your intensity it is important that you pay attention to your body. You want to make sure you are performing your exercise in a safe manner. Now that you have come this far there is no need to injure yourself or anyone around you.

Most Kettlebell trainers will recommend that you perform the more basic moves and exercises for the first two months before advancing. This way you will be really comfortable with the movements and how the Kettlebell reacts.

As we mentioned using two Kettlebells is a fantastic way to make things more difficult for you. Another idea is to simply decrease the amount of time that you rest in between each exercise. By doing this you will increase your stamina and your strength. For example if you are using one Kettlebell then don’t stop when switching arms, just keep going and try to perform an additional set as well.

If using two Kettlebells is too difficult at first then make it your goal to do your entire routine without stopping at all! This will be a great challenge and one that will keep you motivated. When you can perform your entire routine with two Kettlebells without stopping for 20 minutes then you have truly arrived at the Extreme Kettlebell workout level!

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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