Your metabolic rate, or how fast or slow your metabolism works, is influenced by a number of factors:

1. Genetics -> Yes, metabolic rate is also inherited. Sometimes this makes an entire world of difference between a person who can eat almost everything and not gain an ounce of fat and a person who easily balloons after indulging just once.

2. Age -> The younger you are, the faster your metabolism is. Metabolism slows down as you age. Women’s metabolic rate starts falling at the age of 30; for men, decline starts later in their 30’s.

3. Gender -> Men have a faster metabolic rate – usually 10-15 percent faster – than women because their bodies have a larger muscle mass. Muscle plays a key role in fast metabolism, which is why it makes sense to do some form of resistance training.

4. Amount of lean body mass -> As already mentioned above, more muscle = faster metabolism.

5. Diet -> Some foods will help you, some will only harm you. For example, 500 calories of broccoli is very different to 500 calories of pasta. While timing is not everything, when you eat can also affects your metabolism.

6. Stress level -> Stress is inversely proportional to metabolism. The more stress you are subjected to, the lower your metabolism will be through a combination of several hormonal responses.

7. Hormones -> Specific hormones metabolize specific nutrients. How well the hormones work, then, directly affects metabolism. To a certain extent, diet and stress levels affect the hormones involved in metabolism, which is why many people fail to lose weight following a calorie counting method – mainly because they’re eating junk food.  As mentioned above, certain foods will help and others will harm your results. There are hormonal disorders or imbalances that can affect metabolism and weight loss,  however eating clean and exercising regularly should go along way to fixing these issues.

8. Medication -> Doctors are more than happy to dish out medication for all sorts ailments these days, rather than suggest someone improve their diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, many ailments and illnesses are caused by many years of poor food choices, smoking and drinking that have led the body to throw it’s hands in the air. The problem is that certain medications, such as steroids or contraceptive pills can make loosing weight a rough ride.

How can we combat these factors? Pop your comments below…think of this as a quiz :)

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

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