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Your 7-Day Kettlebell Kick Start Guide

Watch as I take through each kettlebell movement in step-by-step, easy to follow fashion -  so that you can start using the kettlebell to supercharge your fitness and fat loss

  • 1

    Swing: The little ol'swing is our first port of call and that's because this is the king of all kettlebell exercises.

  • 2

    Goblet Squat: "Goblet what?" - don't worry, you'll find out soon enough...

  • 3

    Clean (& Press): This is more like it, time to get an ickle bit fancy with the clean and press.

  • 4

    Turkish Get Up: The TGU is my all-time favorite exercise. I bloody LOVE it and you will too!

  • 5

    Snatch: The snatch is without a doubt the T-Rex of the kettlebell world. You’ve got strength, power and cardio all rolled into one killer move.

  • 6

    Slingshot: This is a funky little move that you won’t see many people doing, but it’s a real hoot!

  • 7

    Windmill: Time to discover how flexible you are! Most likely you'll need to work at this one.

Gavin Walsh

Fitness & Fat Loss Coach

Hi  there -  If you're a total newbie to the World of kettlebell training, this is a great place to start as I'll take you through each fundamental movement in a step-by-step fashion, so that you can start using this powerful tool in your workouts to maximize fat loss and boost your fitness.

And even if you've used kettlebells before, I'm sure your technique could be a lot better. So, check out this guide and watch my videos.


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