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best bodyweight butt exercises

Summer is closing in fast and the countdown to that beach holiday has begun.

What’s that I hear though?

You’re body isn’t ready for the beach?

Right, well let’s change that by getting your booty in shape first of all.

If you’re going to be wearing a bikini (or budgie smugglers) you better make sure your assimus is nice and toned! So…

Here are my best bodyweight butt exercises that I use with my own private clients and that’ll work wonders for your own assimus.

Put these into action and you’ll have a booty that you can be proud of :)

1. Squats

If you want a great ass, then squats are your staple. Yes, there not sexy, but they pack a punch like no other. Just make sure that when you squat you’re getting your butt nice and low (thighs parallel to the ground), so that your glutes are actually doing some work.

2. Single Leg Deadlifts

As we run threw the list, you’ll see that many of the exercises are single leg exercises. And that’s because when you’re body just uses one leg to do an exercise it recruits more muscles from your derriere! And the single leg deadlift is no different. Now, I’m hoping your balance is half decent. However, if you’re a little wobbly, then feel free to stand next to wall and place your hand on it for extra support.

3. Pistol Squats

Who would have thought standing up using only one leg was so difficult? Give it a whirl and you’ll find out for yourself. Plus, this exercise really isolates the glutes, which means you’ll be feeling the burn very soon ;) Oh, and if you’re struggling with this one at all – try doing it from a slightly higher seat to make it a touch easier.

4. Bulgarian Squats

Just like the pistol squat, this cheeky monkey, sure does pack a punch. Keeping balanced might be an issue, so feel free to put your hand on a wall for extra support. And don’t forget that the back leg is just there for the ride and the front leg should be doing all the work.

5. Step Ups

Simply find a bench or a ledge with some decent height and, er…step up! However, make sure that the leg on the bench/ledge is doing most of the work to get your glutes involved and fired up. A common mistake I see with this exercise is changing leg after every rep. Instead keep one foot on top of the bench/ledge and simply work that leg several times and then switch over.

6. Glute Bridge (Double or Single)

This one is so simple, yet so effective. You’re calves, hammies and butt will all be working on this little gem! Just make sure that when you lift your butt off the group that you contract your glutes for all their worth.

7. Static Lunges

Another non-sexy exercise, but there’s a reason they’re on this list – they work like a charm. Now, I prefer static lunges where you set your feet and simply drop your back knee to the ground and raise it again, but as you raise to the top try and squeeze you glutes for extra brownie points. Another twist, that gets the glutes involved a wee bit more is the reverse lunge whereby you step backwards into the lunge position and then forwards.

Ulimate Booty Workout

Okay, so now we’ve got our 7 exercises it would be extremely rude not to put them together into some sort of ulimate booty workout.

What do you say?

Okay, here’s the plan…

I want you to do 10 reps of each exercise, but do each exercise as slow as you can – I mean super s-l-o-w.

This will mean that your muscles will spend more time under tension, which means you’ll have sore legs and booty tomorrow (that’s a good thing).

If you’re new to this exercise lark, then one round of this lot should do the job.

However, if you’re up for a challenge then I’d shoot for 2-3 rounds, but once again, make sure you do each exercise ridiculously slow – trust me – this works.

Let’s get started…

1. Squats x 10
2. Single Leg Deadlift x 10/leg
3. Pistol Squats x 10/leg
4. Bulgarian Squats x 10/leg
5. Step Ups x 10/leg
6. Glute Bridge (Single Leg) x 10/leg
7. Static Lunges x 10/leg

Repeat for 1-3 rounds with no scheduled rest.

And there you have it :)

Give these butt exercises a try and let me know how they go.

Plus, if you’ve liked this post, don’t forget to share and like it below.

Thanks for stopping by and cheerio for now,

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Gavin Walsh

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