Can This Cellulite Hack Reduce Skin Dimples?

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"Ok ok...I was CONVINCED this wouldn’t work, I mean I workout 4/5 times a week anyway, I do HIIT to burn the fat, yoga for strength and flexibility, I add weight and resistance...I already do everything? Surely these 3 exercise days aren’t going to work. Right?!.... OMG.

I hate to admit it, I was WRONG.

I did the obligatory check out my butt and legs as I get dressed this morning (I actually haven't allowed myself to look since starting) and I’m shook!! My butt shape is changing, rounder perkier, my legs are slimming down, slight thigh gap re-appearing, and my legs feel firmer, literally firmer, I can’t squidge it as much? And they look firmer, smoother, yes I still have cellulite but I would say there is a definite improvement.

I’m 3 weeks in and 4 rounds in doing just over 1 round a week... I HATE velocity, and I was thinking of skipping this today, but seeing the results I’ll jump straight in, motivation is UP!!

So I have been adding weight to the slow burn and ascend, only about 6lb and a resistance band to some of the movements.

I have also cut bread and pasta out of my diet, I don’t enjoy them any way, they are just convenient! But I have kept sticky rice because... well sushi and poke bowls (drool) I can’t not!! Also wine... ok I have a glass... but 1 glass in 3 weeks is all. I’m committed.

I dry brush everyday and I also do an intense stretch after every programme, I’m working towards splits so use the opportunity of super warm muscles.

I’m gonna keep going and keep you updated!



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