Let’s have a little chat about three foods that people think are healthy, but are in actual fact causing us to gain extra lard.

Over 60% of British people get their calories from wheat, corn and more recently, soy.

One of the reasons for this is that food manufacturers know that these substances are inexpensive to product and in the instance of wheat and corn are highly addictive.  

This is why it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid them.

Unless you frequently read food labels you’re most likely consuming one of the above without even realising it.

The problem is that it may be causing us to gain fat, and here is a couple of reasons why.

  1. Wheat causes a blood sugar spike more than that of a chocolate bar or even regular table sugar.  Not only will this make it more difficult to burn fat, but it will also leave you feeling hungry again shortly afterwards causing you to eat more food.
  2. High-fructose corn syrup has high amounts of calories, carbs, and sugars. It’s almost as bad as raw sugarcane. You can find high-fructose corn syrup in many processed foods, especially the sweeter foods.  For example, energy drinks, ketchup, snack bars,  yoghurts, bread, salad dressing.  The list goes on!
  3. Soy has been touted as a health food over recent years and is regularly used as a substitute for dairy.  When it comes to the protein content of soy, it simply doesn’t stack up well when compared to protein from meats and eggs.  However, the larger issue is the accusation that soy contains high levels of estrogen, especially the type of estrogen that leads to weight gain, fertility issues and certain cancers.  I suspect that this is due to the fact that the American soy industry widely uses genetically modified crops to supply the demand.

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you do not want to gain fat and you value your health and well-being. 

So, what are good alternatives?

The first thing is to go back to basics and avoid the processed foods that contain the food sources mentioned above.

The more you avoid the processed crap the less chance you are of consuming these foods unknowingly.

As an extra tip, it would be wise for you to cut back on the starchy foods.

Once again, many of these foods bump up your blood sugar which will make it that little bit tougher to lose weight.

Instead go for foods such as  sweet potatoes, beans, or brown rice.

All of which are will give you energy without the many side effects of wheat, corn or soy.

If you can eat fewer starches and avoid wheat, corn and soy products you will lose weight a lot faster.

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Gavin Walsh
Gavin Walsh

A British fitness and fat loss magician that helps men and women lose the jelly from their belly pronto. Gavin is the head coach here at Body Fixers and has been featured in the likes of Men's Health, Women's Health and Men's Fitness, as well appearing on British TV several times with delightful nuggets of fitness and fat loss wisdom.

    2 replies to "3 Foods That Could Be Causing You To Gain Fat"

    • vikas sharma

      hi can i eat soya beans ? i generaaly buy them boil them and just dd olive oil, salt and pepper cook them on non stikc and eat as protein or for salads – is it bad ?

    • Gavin

      Hey Vikas,

      There are two issues with soya beans.

      1. A vast amount of soya is genetically modified and there hasn’t been enough time to evaluate whether or not this will have any consequences on our health. There is a lot of info on the net surrounding this topic, some of which points to female infertility, which is enough for me to think that we should leave this one alone for a wee bit.

      2. Soya beans are part of the legume family and if you’ve ready anything about the paleo diet, legumes should be avoided due to their high lectin content. Lectins have the ability to damage the small intestinal wall, which can then lead to a whole host of problems.

      Personally, I do eat legumes but it’s very infrequent. If the rest of your diet is up to scratch, then throwing in some legumes every now and again isn’t going to be the end of the world, especially if you’re relatively healthy.

      If someone had any autoimmune issues, then we certainly knock them on the head to see if that made a difference and if it didn’t we’d look to bring them back.

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