Booty, Butt, Derriere,  Backside,  Tooshie,  Rump,  Fanny,  Keister,  Caboose, Tush, Assimus!

No matter what you call it – we’re going to WORK it!

A well-trained booty isn’t just nice to look at!  

Strong glutes can also help…

Improve posture
Reduce the risk of injury
alleviate lower back, hip & knee pain
Reduce bone density loss that comes with age
And even tighten up the tummy

Did you know – together with your hamstrings, your glutes make up the largest muscles in your body. And...

Because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, training and building your glutes can accelerate fat loss, and help to keep it off!  

The 21 Day Booty Lift focuses on the glutes – but it’s so much more!  We work the legs, the abs, the upper glamour muscles.  We touch on it all for a full body workout. 

Check out the calendar …

Program Details...

All you need is wifi … a set of dumbbells, mini-loop resistance bands and a foam roller.
Designed for home workouts with small spaces.
Geared to intermediate level exercisers.  As this is a very targeted program, it is recommended you have a fitness base before starting.

Sneak Peek At The Workouts...

Monday: Booty Burn

We’re kicking off the week with a BURN!  Using the bands we’re all focused on bringing the FIRE to the glutes.  To burn the muscles – to lift, sculpt and strengthen your booty!

Tuesday: Abs & A$$

On Tuesdays we target the glutes and core together!  Such a beautiful combo to work the booty, shred the waistline – and to protect the back through strengthening these key muscles. 

Thursday: Booty Build

It’s time to LIFT!  We’re putting the bands away and picking up the weights!  And since we’re working BIG muscles here in the lower body – bring big weights.  And be ready to BUILD!

Friday: Guns & Buns

We can’t leave out the upper body! Let’s target the glutes together with the GLAMOUR muscles – the biceps, triceps & shoulders.

Saturday: Roll & Stretch

Use this session at the end of the week to recover (Important!) and also whenever your body feels it needs it.  There are 2 parts – rolling and stretching.  You’re welcome to pick just one, or do them both. 

Meet Your Coach

7 years ago, Ro fell in love with fitness. As a previously overweight and unhealthy web designer who just sat at her computer all day, she heard the news that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. She stepped away from the computer and started to get active. She got hooked – and never looked back!

Today Ro is completely obsessed with all things relating to fitness and nutrition. Her passion is sharing her excitement and enthusiasm for living a fit life with others.

As a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, associate pro-trainer and nutrition coach, Ro is on a mission to help empower, motivate and support others take care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

 Ro wants to help everyone build healthy relationships with their bodies, fitness and food in order to create lasting results while truly enjoying the process of getting fit and healthy.

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To make sure you get the jaw-dropping results you truly deserve, my team and I will take you by the hand and keep you accountable every step of the way. So...

That you can finally transform your body from flabby and soft to tight and toned in record time. And...

While I'm all for physical transformations, you'll also experience a complete mindset shift, creating new healthy habits that stick long term.

Full access to our VIP Coaching App with everything laid out, day-by-day, step-by-step.
Your very own accountability coach, so that you stay on track with your workouts and nutrition.
Unlimited support via in-app messenger for 30 days.
Follow your workout plan inside the mobile app or on your desktop computer.
Hit play and follow along with me and my team as we take you through each and every workout in full HD.
Track your workouts and send in your exercise form for us to check.
Regular check-ins with your accountability coach to make sure you're on the straight and narrow.
Keep track of your stats and progress photos and easily chart your progress week-by-week.
Unmatched motivation.

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Check out the Body Fixers guarantee...

Follow the program for AT LEAST 14 days and if don't see any improvement in the appearance of your booty, then we encourage you to ask for your money back.

We don’t know anyone else that offers this kind of guarantee, but that's how confident we are in this system. In fact...

We'll give you 60-days to to try it out.

This simply means that all the risk is on us! If you're not satisfied with your results, don’t like the program, the exercise routines, or the follow-along videos all that you need to is shoot us an email and we'll refund every penny.

No hard feelings. We can still remain friends.

The refund will be super fast, usually within just a few hours.

We won’t take it personally. We won’t even ask “why”. 

We’ll refund your money with a smile just because you gave this breakthrough system a try.

That's our guarantee

Love it or hate it, all the risk is on us and that’s how it should be.

Get LIFETIME Access to The 21-Day Booty Lift for a one-time payment of just £15!

Please note: 21-Day Booty Lift is a digital download and no physical product will be shipped.

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